Breaming Basics Sth East Qld

Join Team Mad Mullet with Breaming Basics. Filmed in Sth East Qld the guys go back to the basics of catching the ever popular bream. In this episode they fish the estuaries and use bait and demonstrate the basics using bait,where to target bream and the rigging required. Sit back and enjoy Bream Basics and hopefully pick up a trick or two

Westin – Bony the Bream

If Barramundi, big Bass, Mangrove Jack, Snapper, Mackerel, Trevally or Tuna make up any of your fishing tastes, then you have a new best friend – Bony The Bream!

Fishing With Zman Lures

ZMan Soft Plastics are the ultimate soft plastic fishing lure – 10X TOUGH, super soft realistic feel and maximum action, buoyant and a range of proven colours and styles… combined with the ultimate jighead

Halco MAX 190 Wins AFTA Award

Halco Tackle’s award winning Max 130 has a new bigger brother, the Max 190. Continuing the family tradition, the Max

Maroochy River

South East Queensland has a diverse amount of fishing and the Maroochydore River is no exception. Neil Slater shares some

Shimano releases Sephia Egixile Squid Jig

For many years now, Japanese anglers have regarded Shimano’s Egi systems as the pinnacle of squid fishing technology. Shimano is pleased to be delivering some of the most significant Egi advancements into the hands of Australian anglers.

ABU Garcia ProMax Reels 2016

Taking design cues from the Revo® lineups, the Pro Max™ spinning reel boasts the same exceptionally smooth package as it’s low profile counterpart with a lightweight graphite frame and seven bearing system. The Pro Max also features our Rocket Line Management system™

By-Catch – the Unsung Heroes

By-catch maybe annoying whether it’s undersized target species or not the target species at all. Scott Bradley doesn’t see it

How to care and maintain your boat cover with Neil Hancock

How to care and maintain your boat cover with Neil Hancock of Aussie Boat Covers

Hobie Kayak Owners Manual Part 2

Part 2 of the Hobie Kayak Video Owners Manual. This video was created to help new owners and prospective buyers better understand Hobie Kayaks. The video covers many topics including: features, care, transport and how to use Hobie Kayaks in various condition

Fish’n With Mates Season 3

Al McGlashan’s Fish’n With Mates kicks off season 3 12.30pm Saturdays from the 3rd of September. After cracking number one