TT Lures Rev Head Jighead

TT Lures Rev Head Jighead. The Rev Head features a spinning blade mounted on a swivel beneath the jighead, adding flash and vibration to your soft plastic presentation. The Rev Head can be dynamite on a reaction bite, or when you are looking for a more subtle presentation than a spinnerbait.

Weighing up Weather

The weather can be an angler’s best friend or a downright nightmare, particularly for those that like to venture offshore.

New Osapian Kayak Trolling Motor

New Osapian Kayak Trolling Motor 20lbs, The Osapian range features durable 12 volt motors and available in 20, 30, 40 & 55lbs models and a 24 volt motor in the 80lbs version.

Radar, it’s not just for big boats

Radar is traditionally associated with large ocean going ships that need to be able to see other vessels outside normal visual range.

Boat Review : Quintrex 610 Territory Legend + Yamaha F150HP 4-stroke

What is a Quintrex 610 Territory Legend? It’s a massive Centre or Side console offshore MACHINE! It boasts the same hull as the famous 610 Trident which is well known for exceptional handling, a soft and very dry ride, and good stability at rest.

Illegal Sale Of Fish

The man will be charged on summons and if found guilty, faces penalties of up to $34,000 and 12 months imprisonment…..

Mahi Mahi ( Dolphinfish ) Season Closing

Over 200 Mahi have been reported on the online survey and initial survey results

Hit The Reefs For Some Fun

With winter approaching so are the colder waters. This doesn’t mean we have to put away the fishing gear. According

SFT Spin Tail Soft Plastic Bait

SFT has made revolutionary improvement over conventional curl tail maggot design by incorporating different segments along the abdomen and back as well as integration of both the T-tail and the curl tail shapes.

Forearm-sized prawn caught in Gulf of Carpentaria

A huge leader prawn the size of a forearm and weighing 300 grams has been caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria.


Did you know that Australia has the richest diversity of cuttlefish species……..