Daiwa Demon Blood V2 Rods

With a “more muscle and less fat” attitude at the core of its design, Saltist Demon Blood 17 combines the reputation of the famous Saltist name with contemporary styling, features and the latest design concepts to release from the crypt a heavy duty rod series that will make your blood boil and awaken the angling demon within.

Tidal Flow – Moon Phases

Tides vary in height depending on the moon phase, peaking around the full and new moons.

TT Lures BuzzlockZ

Deadly on bass, barra, mangrove jack, cod and other surface predators. The TT Lures BuzzlockZ is a 4 bladed buzz blade that is designed to create water movement, noise and a bubble trail that attracts predators and triggers brutal strikes.

Squid Limits

Did you know there is no size and possession limit for squid in Queensland?

Breamin the Edges

Summer might now be a thing of the past and with the onset of winter starting to rear its ugly head. This is the time of year when techniques quickly change when you’re on the hunt for bream.

Bigger Displays Highlight Strong Start to 2017 For Lowrance ® Elite TI Fishfinder Series

Lowrance®, a world-leader in fishing electronics since 1957, recently reported that fishing consumer trends are clearly indicating that – as with TVs – the growing trend with fishfinder displays is that “bigger is better.”

Fisherman’s Eye

This is a great little accessory you can use anywhere

The Best Land Based Gamefishing Lures

Choosing the right lures to use when gamefishing from the rocks might seem daunting but Goshie has been doing it

Chemical Spill Fall Out

Fisheries Queensland has relaxed restrictions on Brisbane River beam trawl operators to allow them to temporarily fish an extended area in Moreton Bay in the wake of last week’s chemical spill at Brisbane Airport.

Offshore Fun

Peter Le Blang makes catching Dolphin Fish easy with this informative article about using water and FADs to your advantage. With all

The importance of drag

Drag pressure or how hard it is to pull line off a reel, is crucial and the cause of many bust-offs at the boat. Typically what happens is you either start with your drag set to tight or tighten it during the fight in an effort to stop the fish reaching the bottom or its favourite snag.