Fish Stocking

The Snowy River at McKillops Bridge was stocked recently with 40,000 Australian bass fingerlings.

Marlin Time: Trolling Tips For Billfish

Trolling for marlin would have to be my favourite form of fishing. I love everything about it from the painstaking

An Insight look into Transducers

One debate (or confusion) often heard among anglers is which transducer beam is wider or narrower or clearer. This article

Kayak Fishing with James in Port Phillip

Bumped into James this weekend out fishing on his Kayak. Great story actually. We we’re all out fishing and just

Big Murray River Cod

Murray River Cod on the WIlson “Slickback” Lure in the small town of Bonshaw ………..

Pro Lure SF62 Pencil

The Pro Lure SF62 pencil is a floating, slim, baitfish profile lure. A finesse lure, it was designed specifically for a more subtle surface presentation.

Al McGlashan’s guide to catching Albacore!

According to Kaydo Fishing World’s bluewater specialist Al McGlashan,¬†albacore are one of¬†the unsung heroes of the tuna family. Here in

Wild River Bass In Skinny Water

First timer wild Bass fishing in skinny water

Hot Spot for Illegal Fishing Nets

Waterways south of Bowen have been a hot spot for illegal fishing nets recently with Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol seizing a number of unlawful recreational fishing nets.

Land Based Fishing

Experienced angler Jarrod Day gets back to basics in this article on Land Based Fishing and passes on his techniques and know how in increasing your catch rate when land based fish

Catching Mudcrabs

Join Dave Downie and Rossco on location at Jumpinpin chasing Mud Crabs