Rock fishing safety – a personal responsibility.

Being washed off the rocks is something every angler dreads the thought of. Accidents happen and wearing a PFD is good commonsense…

Banning Commercial Net Fishing – Gippsland Lakes

Migratory fish such as black bream and estuary perch in the Gippsland Lakes will have more protection at river mouths when exclusion areas for commercial netting are expanded by 50 per cent under new arrangements to be introduced next year.


The Quobba coastline is situated in the Gascoyne region along Western Australia’s mid north coast. This remote stretch of coastline is approximately 80kms long and contains some of the best ledges in Australia for targeting monster Spanish mackerel from the shore.

Spanish Mackerel Session

Rigged up with Tiagra 30s and TCurve Tiagra rods, Sam and crew are chasing for Spanish Macks off some inshore reefs in northern NSW. A few losses but they managed to get a few on the board!


For the TRIBE it’s all about catching and with that in mind TRIBE Fishing products are designed from quality materials

Boat Review : Baysports Boats

An overview of Baysport Boats, one of Queenslands leading fibreglass boat brands. Locally made in Noosa for your peace of mind using high quality materials and construction techniques to guarantee your boat will last and have a high re-sell value.

Bream – A Closer Look At The Iconic Species

A scavenger by nature, bream can be caught on all manner of baits including secret dough concoctions handed down through

Guestys Tackle Tips : Walk The Dog

Guestys shows you how to ‘walk the dog’. Surface walker lures are an effective and exciting method of surface fishing, get the low down on how to get them walking.

Lox Rods

The LOX experience is uniquely powerful. Lox belongs to the Angler who appreciates the indivisible collection of timeless moments that is the Angling experience.

Kayak Fishing Big Snapper Action

Tapp shows you how to catch some big Northland snapper from our Profish 440 fishing kayak .

Mud Plodding for Mangrove Jacks

As its name suggests, the mangrove jack is an estuary-loving species, right at home in the dynamic, highly tidal ecosystem that